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A direct importer and distributor of quality Eastern European and Middle Eastern foods in the United States. At Krinos Foods, we strive to bring the latest brands to market through our considerable network of partners. This allows us to help ensure a wide variety of brands and products are available. And of course, we like to stay ahead of the curve with seasonal offerings at the right time of year. Krinos Foods is the place where national supermarket chains and ethnic grocery retailers rely on for their specialty foods.

About us

Krinos Foods Atlanta is the leading distributor serving all of the United States. Our commitment to excellence comes from an adherence to high standards and the belief that it is best to exceed expectations, particularly with our employees, suppliers and customers. Our diverse supply of brands shows a commitment to quality and bringing these top brands to the marketplace. We believe in investing in our people to bring the brands we represent to the marketplace in the highest quality manner.

Our Mission

To ensure that our suppliers are represented by the most aggressive, dynamic and innovative partners within the industry. To provide our customers with the absolute best sales, marketing and distribution service of any wholesaler in the United States of America. To conduct our business in a professional manner with integrity, fiscal responsibility, and with a commitment to our community. To manage our business in an environment that encourages creativity, partnership, and responsibility.


Krinos Atlanta is a direct importer of Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Turkish, and Middle Eastern foods. We import products in both bulk and consumer packs permitting us to cater to supermarkets, gourmet stores, delicatessens, club stores and most food service institutions throughout North America.


Our team serves and distributes to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. All of our trucks are digitally climate controlled to ensure the quality of all products and our drivers are compliant with all state, local, and OSHA requirements.

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