Top Quality, Exceptional Service, and Timely Deliveries.

 Krinos Atlanta is one of the fastest growing food service distributors in the southeast. We are committed to establishing and maintaining honest, trusting relationships with our vendors and our customers.

Our goal to make everyone feel like Family, including you.

We enjoy bringing foods to families in America that remind us of familiar flavors and experiences from back home. We hope you enjoy them, too.

Direct Import

Krinos Atlanta  is a direct importer of Bosnian,  Bulgarian, Croatian,  Greek,  Hungarian,  Italian,  Macedonian,  Polish,  Romanian,  Russian, Serbian, Turkish, and Middle Eastern foods. We import products in both bulk and consumer packs permitting us to cater to supermarkets, gourmet stores, delicatessens, club stores and most food service institutions throughout North America. 

We operate our own fleet of trucks.

Our team serves and distributes to Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. All of our trucks are digitally climate controlled to ensure the quality of all products and our drivers are compliant with all state, local, and OSHA requirements.

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